Tips for Responsive Web Design, Facebook Hashtags and People Posts

The accord amid Facebook and Website Owners

In today’s era of a growing Internet abounding with complexities, business owners charge to acquisition a web hosting provider that offers tools-and a lot of them, which are all-important to appoint the admirers whether it be anyone on a desktop computer or anyone on their book or acute phone.

The claiming today for web masters is designing a website that looks acceptable on all the assorted devices. It is actual important for business owners today because of the advance of amusing media and the huge access in adaptable devices. PC sales accept plummeted and because of this, web masters charge to plan added harder to be abiding their website is able searching on every device.

How does your website attending on altered devices? Do you accept a website or blog and you generally admiration how it looks on a laptop, tablet, or acute phone?

Go to

Access your website’s URL

The apparatus will appearance you how your website looks to visitors who are appliance a:


10″ or 12″ notebook

19″ desktop


Samsung Galaxy tablet



Scroll confined angry off


“Use proxy server” affection is accessible to see absolutely how your website renders on all the altered adaptable devices. It is a acceptable apparatus to run a quick assay if you apprehend from your readers that your website ability not attending appropriate on a accessory used.

Your website, acknowledging design, and your web hosting provider

A able web hosting close can action you abounding accoutrement that are bare in adjustment to actualize an agreeable and professionally advised web attendance that is arresting on hundreds of altered devices. Remember, today smart-phone users are surfing the Internet added than PC users. So be abiding that your website is visually ambrosial on any device.

A web host can advice you assassinate a acknowledging architecture with cantankerous browser support, a beginning attending and accommodate your website with a rock-solid web hosting arrangement to alarm home.

Facebook accoutrement that can advice you actuate your website in foreground of your competition.

There are abounding Facebook appearance that are important to marketers, but rarely used. In acknowledgment to the access of amusing media networks, these accoutrement are important to accumulate up and beat your competition. Being a accessible aggregation leads Facebook to achieve changes in adjustment to advance and addition profitability. The aftereffect is that marketers at time can lose clue of the academician of Facebook. Enhancements are accessible to advance monetization and access traffic. As a business owner, you can account from this.


Something with a # assurance and a word. A way to accumulation conversations calm about the aforementioned topic. Hashtags achieve conversations easier to acquisition and follow. Added and added TV ads are appliance hashtags instead of a “call-to-action”. It’s a quick way to assignment added and advance your business in amusing media networks including Twitter and Facebook. After dinner, humans sit on their couch with their acute phones, notebooks and iPads so you will see hashtags acclimated on TV absolutely a bit during caliginosity hours. It is a ablaze way for business owners to yield this tool, agreement with them, and if you acquisition the appropriate hashtag, you can actualize turbo-charged posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Examples of Hashtags

Hashtags can be song titles, cine titles, account online writing (often referred to account jacking), and more. Acquisition one or two or three hashtags that will advice you to “ride a wave” and get your business in foreground of humans that are already talking about a assertive subject. Hashtags are acclimated on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook and are acclimated to bookmark a moment. Click able hashtags accessible up the “hashtag feed” which displays added posts with the aforementioned hashtag as able-bodied as “related searches” (other agnate hashtags). Accepted Facebook hashtags awning #facebooktips or #facebookhelp, for example.

Choosing a Hashtag

Experiment and acquisition accepted hashtags in your industry. Then, column appliance those hashtags, seek appliance those hashtags, and appoint with humans conversing about your hashtag. This is a superb business apparatus because, if you aces the appropriate hashtag, added humans that are aswell tracking that hashtag ability ascertain you. This is targeted business at the accomplished degree. Area should you put your hashtag in a post? We acclaim you adjoin hashtags with your admired words at the end of your post. Awning 2-4 hashtags in your posts. If allotment hashtags, it is to add the tags at the basal of your column because otherwise, it could be distracting.

How do I actualize a hashtag?

Depending on the keywords or topic, you can actualize your post. You can use any hashtag that you choose. There is no area you go to “register” a hashtag. Hashtags can not accept any spaces and no punctuation. Hashtags are an entering business technique.

Posts should include:

1. Headline

2. Content

3. Hashtags at the bottom

As anon as you blazon the assortment attribute (#), it becomes a click-able link. Strategic marketers should achieve acceptable use of hashtags. Awning a hotlink in your posts to your website, blog or business site. The access in cartage that you will acquaintance is phenomenal. Do your homework. Seek on a tag to be abiding that there are no connotations that you do not wish associated with your brand. Accept your keywords, again alpha posting.

“Reply-to” affection on Facebook

Facebook offers the “reply” affection on Fan Pages. You can about-face it on and off in your Admin panel. The “enable replies” advantage is available. You can array by “top comments” or “recent activity”.

Tag a Person

Page owners who acknowledgment to a animadversion should tag the being that you are acknowledging to by including an @ assurance afore the person’s name. It makes it easier for humans to chase on mobile. The name is click-able and the being will get a notification.

Images in Replies

Personal Profiles can awning images in replies. It’s an absorbing way for business owners to authenticate to anyone what you are aggravating to convey. In added words, you can awning screen-shots or artefact images to aback your bulletin added clearly. It is actual anatomic for abstruse abutment and sales.

Business owners can acquaint if they are “live” on their Facebook page. You can awning the permalink which is the time brand of the post. Hover over the timestamp and archetype it to drive cartage aback to your chat or discussion. Humans can acknowledge to questions after in fact announcement to your page artlessly by including a permalink or hashtag to your post. Accept a Facebook affair aural your animadversion threads.

Facebook Awning Image

A awning angel is 851 pixels x 350 pixels. It needs to be visually ambrosial and your angel needs to attending acceptable even admitting you can awning added than 20% text. You can use calls-to-action, your website URL, the chat “sale”, etc… Abounding admirers become admirers through a “like” apparatus on a web page, and those humans will never see your awning image, but it is a beheld way to get in foreground of your market.

How does the Awning Angel access cartage to your Page?

Change your awning angel consistently because, if you do, it goes to the account augment (on adaptable as well). This is a abundant way to actuate your fan page in foreground of the Facebook community.

Always awning the afterward in the anecdotal of your awning image:


Alarm to action

A link

What is Facebook “Graph Search”?

On Facebook you can blazon in the # in the seek bar. You accept to actively about-face it on. It offers you a altered seek apparatus that you can use to “drill down” to the exact blazon of person, for example, that you are searching for. You can search: friends-of-friends, places, interests.





When would you use Blueprint Search?

If you are searching for a realtor, for example, in Austin that is a friend-of-friend and is brand spirituality.

If you are searching for photos of someone, you can use blueprint search. Seek for “photos” and “the person’s name”. You will see all sorts of pictures that awning that person.

In agreement of a business appliance you can blazon in “pages” “liked” “by humans who like” (then access your competitor’s page). You can again ambition the humans that like these added pages. It’s a base way to get in foreground of your competitors fans.

Put some of these strategies to plan and body your audience, appoint with new fans, and actuate your business website or blog to the foreground of the pack.

In general, you will charge three things afore implementing these Facebook tools:

a platform

an audience

a Facebook fan page

A web host can help

A able web hosting close can action you tools, and a lot of them, that are bare in adjustment to actualize an agreeable and professionally advised web attendance that is arresting on hundreds of altered devices. Remember, smart-phone users are surfing the Internet added than PC users. So be abiding that your website is visually ambrosial on any device. A web host can advice you to achieve a acknowledging website design, cantankerous browser support, a beginning attending and a rock-solid network.

Ms. Rosendahl has over 19 years acquaintance in systems analysis, hosted applications, and administration as able-bodied as 16 years acquaintance in web hosting and Internet marketing. Ms. Rosendahl has a Bachelors from Houston Baptist University with a bifold above in Computer Information Systems and Business Management. Stephanie is the architect and CEO of Website Hosting close – blooming hosting.